and management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I began to work in the event planning and design field and have never looked back since. The very first wedding that I planned and produced was hosted at the New York Public Library, and when the day came to life, my heart felt fuller than it ever had before. This incredible experience led me to move to the Bay Area in 2015, where my world unfolded into cliffside elopements, garden parties, vineyard nuptials, modern warehouse “I do’s” and private estate celebrations.

Hi! I’m Bari, and I am so excited you are here. Wedding planning has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and I cannot wait to get to know you and share this experience with you!  I’ve spent the past 8+ years planning the most special celebrations for the coolest couples, designing breathtaking events with unique + personal touches, and traveling throughout the California coast to celebrate love! I’ve always been a planner at heart, getting my imagination rolling and putting the pen to paper at any chance I could get. After studying event planning

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So many dream of their "one day wedding", and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that as a planner and designer, I can’t help but fantasize about the dream wedding that I’d like to plan and design, FOR YOU! Picture a private estate nestled amongst the rolling hills, breathtaking views leaving guests speechless as they arrive, candlelit walkways, an abundance of flowers, black and white modern details, and the most fashionable party goers. 

To the modern, romantic COUPLE...

At BE Events, everyone is equal. We are proud to celebrate all of our couples, regardless of race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, heritage, religion, disability and beyond. Love is love, and nothing can change that. We are committed to having a diverse and inclusive workplace, vendor team, and clientele, and stand against hate in any and all forms. Our goal and mission is to celebrate love of all kinds.

01. Inclusivity

BE Events Values

Here at BE Events, we believe in always being honest and transparent with our clients and our vendors. You’ll be the first to hear any updates as soon as we receive them, and we’ll always be honest with you on your ideas, visions, and budget and how realistic everything is for what you want. You’ll never have to doubt any decision with us by your side, and you’ll see your wedding day come to life feeling confident about every choice you made along the way.

02. transparency & honesty

BE Events Values

When we plan your gathering, we focus on intentional details and moments to elevate your day and create memories to last forever. Every element will be a resemblance of you, and the atmosphere you are looking to create. Each vendor is thoughtfully selected, every idea is exquisitely executed, and all of the special touches are near and dear to our client’s traditions, families, culture and personal lives.

03. Intentionality

BE events Values

When working on your event, we’ll always give you 100% of our time and attention. Nothing goes unnoticed, and every aspect is triple checked to make sure it’s perfect. We strive to be the very best for our couples, and are always just an email or phone call away. “No” is never something you’ll hear from us, and you’ll always remain one of our top priorities whether 1 year away from your wedding day, 3 months away, or 1 week away.

04. Presence

BE events Values

Together we will create a partnership for your wedding. We know it’s going to be one of the most personal experiences of your life and that’s why we are here with you the entire way, as your planner, your friend, your therapist, your architect, your visionary, and your guide. We’ll work with you on the super easy decisions and details, and be by your side through some of the harder choices and conversations. You’ll never be alone during this exciting process, and we can’t wait to take you through it!

05. Professional yet Personable

BE events Values

Every event is unique and different in it’s own special way. It’s important to us that your wedding day resembles who you are as individuals and as a couple. What is your life together like? How do you enjoy spending your time? What are some of your favorite things throughout the years of your relationship? And how can we incorporate that into your wedding day? We delicately select curated pieces to express your lives throughout each and every moment of your day and believe in making your dream day truly one of a kind.

06. Creativity and Individualism

BE events Values

Kristina &  Ryan

"Bari created our dream wedding.  From start to finish, she took ownership of the process, allowing us to have such a stress free engagement. We put a lot of trust in Bari, and every choice she made was perfect.  She went above and beyond to give us the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen.  You will not regret working with Bari!”

"Bari went above and beyond to give us the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen."

I believe in making every wedding one-of-a-kind and an exact resemblance of the couple whom the event is for. With a background in design and fashion, I have always loved the concept of pulling things together that are out of the ordinary, and creating something unique and beautiful from it. I am truly a modern romantic at heart, driven towards timeless and ethereal aesthetics that exude luxury and 10 years from now will still capture people's hearts. 

the mission

the California coastline, the beauty of the outdoors, interior design, minimalism, fashion,  Anthropologie catalogs, mid-century modern homes, and empty spaces where your imagination can run wild.

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I am a lover of weekly flower shop trips, crafting all things paper, exploring the Bay Area and West Coast, and frequenting farmers markets.
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